Nivardo Beaton

Just your average knife nut with a passion for sharpening.

I've carried a knife since I was a little kid, 6-7 years old, and that was 25+ years ago. Like many of you, my Dad taught me about hunting and fishing and the tools that are needed for those sports. At a young age I couldn't carry a gun everywhere but my Dad did let me carry a pocket knife; been carrying one ever since.

I taught myself how to sharpen a knife after damaging my fair share of good blades. Through the years my skills and my tools have improved. In the last few years (since about 2013) I started sharpening all my knives to a polished mirror finish. That caught the attention of my friends who are also a bunch of knife nuts and I started sharpening their knives. MIA Blade Works was born - Founded Jan 3rd, 2018.

Send us your knife for a fresh mirrored edge.