MIA Bladeworks is a family run business that focuses on customized service to all its clients. Whether you are buying a knife from our inventory and added an edge, or needing a quote for sharpening or blade repair, we process each order on its unique needs.

To obtain exact pricing for your knife, please fill out the SHARPENING & REPAIR ORDER FORM

Starting at $10

Standard sharpening service. This is usually reserved for knives that just need their cutting edge restored without a polished finish.

Starting at $20


Mirrored Edge - Utility. This is our most popular sharpening request. This finish provides you with the razor edge sharpening of the “standard sharpening service” and includes a glossy, polished, mirrored edge.

Starting at $40

Mirrored Edge - Show. This is recommended for knives that will be on display and have very little use. We go the extra mile to make sure it is a perfect mirror edge without any honing marks.