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Standard Sharpening:

Our standard level sharpening includes matching the existing bevels on your knife, making sure that those bevels are properly cut through the apex, and taking the knife to 600 grit (diamond or whetstones). At this level the knife will NOT have a mirrored edge but will have what is considered a very sharp serviceable edge.


Mirrored Edge - Utility:

This is our most popular level of sharpening and the level we recommend to all our clients. Similar to the standard sharpening, we will match the existing bevels and make sure they are cut to apex. The difference in this package is that we do not stop at 600 grit but continue on to 4,000 grit stones and then strop with 6,000 grit compound. At this level some minor honing scratches may still be visible but the bevel will be mirrored and razor sharp.


Mirrored Edge - Show:

The Show edge is basically the same as the Utility edge only that we take the time to make sure all scratches are removed as we work from stone to stone. This is extremely time consuming but the finished product is a beautifully mirrored edge with no honing marks. This is only recommended for knives that are not used regularly. Regular use will introduce minor scratches to the bevel and make the knife appear the same as the Utility edge.



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